Thursday, February 13, 2020

Operations Decision Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Operations Decision - Research Paper Example The managers need to develop the skills of handling all the operational problems that arise during the course of decision making. It is important that all the environmental factors are taken into account so that the managers have all the information about the internal and external factors important for the organization’s improved performance and make effective decisions with utmost ease. In order to achieve the maximum level of operational efficiency, the managers need to make sure that they allocate the resources appropriately and utilize them in the best possible manner; the decision for resource allocation is very crucial and it is important that all the factors are properly taken into account. In case of small companies, the environment tends to be less competitive and the decisions can be made on the basis of intuition that require minimum quantitative analysis; while, in the case of large organizations that are operating in a huge market, the managers need to use both qu alitative and quantitative methods so that economical decisions are taken (Matasniemi, 2008). ... y in the case is the Operational Research method as it is the most scientific method of identifying the problems that arise in the management of operations of the business that comprise of employees, machines, material, resources along with macro environment factors such as government, defense, business and industry (Banarjee, 2012). Inline Skating Industry The company â€Å"Skating International† has its own market and currently, there are few competitors that are making foils and sails that are used by few skaters. The brand name is â€Å"Achievers† and it will be the only brand that will provide superb quality skating shoes at reasonable prices. The main aim of the company is to provide the customers with skating accessories that will help them in fulfilling their desire of having exceptional sensation towards enjoying skating. Research has shown that the companies that are manufacturing these accessories don’t use the sails that must be designed for skating; in fact, the sails are suitable for skateboards and windsurfing. Although there are many manufacturers of skates but still there is no single company that is manufacturing the skates’ accessories. The products that are being offered by the company will be Skate Sails, Blade Boots and Skate Aid. All of these products will be made from superb quality raw materials so that they are durable and the customers get their value for money. Competitor Analysis In order to survive in the dynamic environment in which changes are taking place at an accelerating rate, it is important that the companies do their environmental analysis on an ongoing basis. The skate sales have increased drastically in the last couple of years and the distribution within and outside the country has doubled as well. Although Skating

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